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The summer reading is on and Little Reader is pouring through them - mostly without my help.  “I love to read anyway, but might as well read more for the prizes.”  We are in the midst of Dreaming Big at the Bell Whittington Library and keeping cool there most afternoons.  Don't forget to get the kids signed up for your summer library program. Ours has activities for the tots to teens and all in between.) It's a great way to keep them busy and it's free!  I’m also trying to get on top of Father’s Day, but it’s logistically difficult when trying to get kids out the door for summer camp.  But thanks to Pinterest again, I’ve got some cute Father’s Day ideas.
Decided to go with a King of the Grill theme and I’ll and use this as a model.  Note the stainless steal and blue of course!  And to complete my Texas size "man basket", The Prophets of Smoked Meat: A Journey Through Texas Barbecue.

So where am I with my first Kindle Read?  If you don’t know, my writing efforts are being geared for Book Nooks, Kindle Fires, and those other on-the-go gadgets.   I just can’t get enough of the short one sitting Kindle reads.   But back to where I am, it’s almost done, with only a few finishing touches needed.  Hopefully it will be ready to go in a couple weeks ;-)
Hint Drop:  It’s about “Letting the Blessings Flow”, a simple way to bring your financials into a positive flow.  It’s to the point and the answer is found in the scripture.

Our “Friendly” Romps
A Mama for Owen
By Bauer, Marion Dane

You will love this cute and true “Mom’ story about Owen, a baby hippo and his new-found mama, a tortoise named Mzee.  Especially, if you like those true-life, odd animal connection stories.   The Kenya Wildlife Service rescued this baby turtle and brought it to a nature preserve, where it chose a 130 year old tortoise to be his mother!  Not too many details put into the story, but the writing and soft illustrations perfectly captured the remarkable bond these two shared.
Owen & Mzee
By Hatkoff, Isabella
Read more on the remarkable true story of the orphaned baby hippo, and the 130-year-old giant turtle?  And you’ll see how many people were touched by this unusual and amazing friendship.

Other Cute Animal Odd-Couples

Forget Me Not
By Broad, Michael
Who says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?”  The cover’s beautiful shades of pink and purple just screams, “read me!”  An adorable elephant learns about friendship and the importance of patience.  And putting gorgeous cherry blossoms to demonstrate this is genius.  These Asian inspiring flowers will soon fill our fairy garden.  Well, were starting from seed so it may take a while. Yes, I always start my plants with seeds.   
 More Dirt Talk  
The Castro Bean Plant has taken over the side of our house.  It’s the fastest growing shade maker and the leaves are elephant ears, according my youngest gardener.
Check out its odd looking seeds.  Message me if you want some ;-)  
And again, I’m attempting to grow giant pumpkins this summer.  So I’m pleased to announce we have our first girl.  So now how to turn her into a pumpkin!   Maybe there’s an app for that!
A Friend for Einstein
By Cantrell, Charlie
(First off, your gonna love the name!) Einstein, the world’s smallest stallion goes on a quest to find a friend by trying to befriend a myriad of farm animals.  Adorable photographs capture his many attempts, accompanied by the flowing text.   So what animal becomes his best friend all started with a wet kiss on the nose?  Not telling, you’ll have to get to your library and find out ;-)  
Rainbow Stew
By Falwell, Cathryn
It’s a rainy day at grandpa’s house and the gloomy children want to go outside.  So grandpa sends them out to the garden to pick vegetables, where they happily fill a colorful basket.  And later after a little quiet time, they all enjoy some Rainbow Stew!   I like how the rhyming words change colors to go along with the rainbow theme.  “Hey we made salsa from our garden, do you think we can grow jellybeans?”  Little Reader  
Infinity and Me
By Hosford, Kate
I really got into this, but can’t say the same for Little Reader.  Maybe it was the abstract concept of infinity.   This may be too difficult for young readers to understand, but I thought Hosford did a great job, while making it fun along the way.   In summary it’s unique, filled with intriguing illustrations, thought provoking, and the best part is the red shoes.  I love how infinity might look like cutting a noodle in half over and over again. I would recommend this book to 2nd grade and up. 
King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub By Wood, Audrey
If you’re an Audrey Wood fan, this award winning read won’t diverge your expectations.  When King Bidgood refuses to get out of the bathtub, there are many failed attempts from his castle staff to get him out.  Even when it’s time for battle, he declares a water battle with tub toys!  The story and pictures correlate nicely, making this a top choice for all bath loving kidos.  I’m not gonna spoil the ending, but tell ya the solution is quite simple!
Little Reader’s after read bath quote. “I’m not leaving this bath, so go away, read sum books!”  Love how she threw a Nacho Libre quote in there, she loves that movie.
A Couple of Mom Reads
Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life & Legacy as the Duck Commander
By Robertson, Phil
What’s not to love about these God fearing, gun toting, flag waving conservatives?  And they’re the funniest people to boot!   With all the crap on TV, this is one of the only things we watch, oh and NBA basketball.  A no-holds barred autobiography about the rise of Duck Dynasty, without sugar coating the bad stuff.  I have such respect for Phil admitting to his mistakes and brining his family back to its core values and faith in God.
29 Gifts
By Walker, Cami
This may not be considered a beach read for some, but it is for me.  It’s inline with my Kindle book so had to grab it off the shelf.  - Giving to others and keeping an open heart, even in the toughest of times.  Some have asked why don’t I review Romantic reads.  Um, if I don’t read’m then can’t rate’m.  - Too much skin for me, so to each is own right!

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