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By Library Romp - 5:59 AM

Must deviate for a moment.   My oldest three kids took off to LLYC for the “best two weeks” so Little Reader and I planned camp romps and fun outdoor activities.  But with almost zero camp books at the library, we weren’t able to bring books into this experience ;-( So I’m putting this on hold until we can find some.  But we are getting big sister’s camp stories by mail, and these in it self compiled would make a great book.  I feel the calling to move my next story into this realm.  So today I’m hitting the road with a camp story. 
It has been a totally random romp the past two weeks, just pulling titles in no particular order.  Thinking of moving into a cooking theme next week, but must first must see what yummy reads the library has!  (I’m always open to book suggestions!) And with the kids coming home, happily Mad Hungry dinners will go back up on the chalk board next week.
Also in less than a month the new “blue” should be up and running, thanks to Pure Imagination Designs.  Thinking of an “Into the Wild Blue” motif here!  "If you want blue all around you, then just color it blue, do you want a blue marker?" - Little Reader

A few Cool Summer Pics

A Day with Wilbur Robinson
By William, Joyce

This great read is based from the Disney movie, Meet the Robinsons.  It’s not the favorite just because we are also a crazy Robinson Family, well maybe a little!  So spend the day with the Robinson’s and see how mundane tasks become adventures, from dancing frogs to shooting meatballs.  The plots differ from the book and movie, but they parallel making this a Blue Rated Read.
Dream Something Big
By Aston, Dianna Hutts

The Watts Towers history, told through the voice of a fictional child. Between 1921 - 1955 an Italian immigrant Simon Rodia, or Uncle Sam had a vision and transformed glass, pottery shards, and seashells into a National monument. This is an amazing story of a dream, and the process of bringing it to reality. The actual pictures in the back were a hit, adding a sense of wonderment.  A must have book, but this means looking past its Obama endorsement.  Can I do this, for my Little Reader yes but along with it will order The Fisherman’s Catch: A Conservative Bedtime Story, by Thomas Wright.   Oh, you can also bring more meaning to the book by creating your own Watts Tower. 

What A Masterpiece!

Stick Man
By Donaldson, Julia

Stickman is no ordinary stick, in fact he’s a family man with three stick children and a stick lady love.  While content living in his tree house, one day he’s mistaken for a stick and ends up moving further and further from home.  A cute story, but thrown off with why Santa was put in to save the day. - Not a holiday book!

The Lonesome Puppy
By Nara, Yoshitomo


One gigantic dog is not seen by anyone, until one day a little girl comes along.  A message of friendship with great illustrations here.  I found the text a little chunky, but Little Reader loved this one. “He’s big like Clifford!”  We loved Clifford the Dog, but wonder if younger kids even know this adorable pup.  Seems like Dora The Explorer has taken over everything, and will say that she is not welcome in our home.

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