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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Desktop Randomness

As a writer, most of the ideas come from funny things my children say and do, by people watching, or from something I love. Like the color blue, pickles, and the fascinating steel giants in my backyard.  In fact, my first story takes place on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.
What amazing sea life lives on these legs of steel.

Next, my children’s love of hippos and peanut butter & jelly turned into a story, and then…  I’ll stop here you get the point.    

So romping thus far has not given me any big revelations as a writer, but been more of a market study. I have come across a lot of mediocre books, some down right poor, and also un-earthed some heart felt stories.  But many of the newer titles are embracing the multicultural trend, of which I do not.   So I look for publishers that aren’t trying to remove or give negative to a Christian’s moral compass. (In fact, my stories all have a conservative thread that holds them together.)  No, I will not turn this into a political blog, but if you are looking for children’s books with same sex parents, how to make the world fair for everyone, or any depicting a left ideology then this is not the blog for you.        

Back to business, do I spend time tweaking my old manuscripts or start on another?  Another, that’s what I thought.  All I have to do is listen for ideas and inspiration.  Little Reader said on her way home from school yesterday, “Mama, you should write a story about a sunflower that doesn’t like rain, just like my flowers.”  (This stems from our little garden we just started - only the tomatoes are growing, not the flowers!)  So without further ado, I will write today and see where my words lead me. 

A Few of Our Fav Romps

Amelia Bedilia’s First Valentine
By Parish, Herman

Happy Valentine’s Day Dolores
By Samuels, Barbara

Pete the Cat
By Litwin, Eric

Space Boy
By Landry, Leo


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Be sure and come by and enter the guess the plant for a package of the most unusual seeds. Yes, Little Reader and I are adding to the garden.


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