Soccer Season Madness

By Library Romp - 8:01 AM

Fitted with new cleats, shin guards, yellow ribbons, and a shiny new ball the Little Reader set out for her first soccer game.  Like a swarm of bees they chased the ball, kicked it into the wrong goal, and intermittently paused to chat about their accessories.  It was quite possibly the most precious thing I’ve ever watched… Oh the wonderful adventures of a soccer mom.
And like always, every event becomes a readable moment.

Sergio Saves the Game
By Rodriguez, Edel

Sergio the penguin is a super star soccer player, but only in his dreams. This persistent penguin thinks maybe a little more practice will help, and in the end it’s up to him to save the championship game.  Not sure why, but this read did not keep the attention.

By Shahan, Sherry; Mai-Wyss, Tatjana

An upbeat Mikey is super-competitive and captain of the Hot Diggedy Diner soccer team.  His teammates though, are easily distracted by anthill investigations and turning themselves into whirlybirds. A great contrast of the fast paced action to the easy-going action of soccer, showing there are many ways for kids to play and enjoy the game.
“We had dragonflies at our game and we did win right Mamma!” – Little Reader 
Other Soccer Books We Are Reading

Winners Never Quit!
By Hamm, Mia; Thomson, Carol

Froggy Plays Soccer

By London, Jonathon; Remkiewie
Soccer Mom From Outer Space
By Saltzberg, Barney

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