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Friday, September 16, 2011

If you are what you read, then…

Shouldn’t we seek great stories that model values for our children?  And what a better story than the award winning Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister Herbert with its mesmerizing sparkly art.  

In this tale, a young shiny fish must give up what makes him unique and become like everyone else, so that others will like him.  Hmm... sounds a bit like re-redistribution of wealth doesn’t it?   Re-read it and replace the words rainbow and scale to dollars.  Scary right? 

One of last nights reads was The Sissy Duckling, by Harvey Fierstein. We stopped on page two, as it quickly began promoting the author’s gay rights.
“Why is that boy duck wearing pink and like a girl!”  - Little Critic
Really! Why must the children’s book market encompass such mantra? 
Note to self: read books to yourself before you read them to children.

I will now take little one to the aquarium and out for a sea food feast.
Today’s Special:  Blackened Rainbow Fish

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Anonymous said...

Like you, I’ve seen this book for years but still have never read it. Although, I have spent countless hours skimming Miles of bookshelves to find books that were worth reading to my daughter in the children’s section. So, so, so many of them are really quite horrible. Some blatantly, others are sneakily indoctrinating like Rainbow Fish. The good books are few and far between and when I find one that is truly good, I usually contact the author to say thank you. And usually when they are truly good, there is not an award on the cover. Thanks for the heads up on this book.