Size Does Matter

By Library Romp - 6:21 PM

What’s size and font have to do with it?  A lot actually.  A cover glance and a peek inside determines whether it’s a read, or not.  Well, that was pre-romp.  To be expected, the older books written in standard font, smaller text, and higher word counts… are not keeping attention spans around here. (But, still I read into the night.)

Something about large whirly text rolling through the pages just captivates…  Most of the time.

Here comes the but… there are some of new shorter word books that I just don’t get. Too Purpley!, by Jean Reidy is adorably illustrated with only two words on each page. 

And Chicken, Chicken, Duck by Nadia Krilanovich is also illustrated well, but that’s about it.   Agents, is this what you are looking for?  

So I’m off to eat artichokes with my finicky “fashionista” and watch the making of a marvelous manuscript.  That’s right, she’s making a book, so be expecting a knock your socks off query from a five year old book critic.  -CR

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