To Blog, or Not

By Library Romp - 10:24 AM

Blog?  Blog about what?  Everyone loves a cooking blog, but my expertise doesn’t go beyond that of a few family recipes and HEB meal deals.  My husband has a knack for the culinary, and I’m perfectly fine with my cooking reputation, or lack there of.  Who says pouring cereal can’t be defined as cooking, right? 

So back to this blog thing.  Where do I spend most of my time?  Library, yes that’s it!  Daily reads and romps through the children’s book section with my newest little book lover.   And at home it’s still all about books. (Writing, editing, querying, and exploring the abyss of literary agents and publishing trends.)

Have I missed something?  Did you know I’ve read all the good children’s books at my local library? Really! I’ve skimmed between the bookends and passed on those ugly covered, too long, and too wordy reads.  How the heck did they get there anyway?  I wonder …

So there it is!  To find what really makes a writer, I bet the answers can be found on the pages. So I will expand my romp and read through the entire children’s section at my library.  How many books?  Not sure, but will take the challenge regardless…

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